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IQ Cath 21 Hydrophilic Single-use Catheter

  •    Info
  • For men, effective length 40cm
  • Not ready for use, needs water or saline to activate
  • Sterile

CH⌀ mmFP10 CodePIP code
Single sterile wrapping103.3IQ 2104.10372-5421
 124.0IQ 2104.12324-7400
 144.7IQ 2104.14324-7418
 165.3IQ 2104.16324-7426

186.0IQ 2104.18372-5413

Length and Size of the catheter

The length specification refers to the effective length (length of the catheter that can be inserted into the body) without the funnel. The size of the catheter refers to its external diameter indicated in French gauge (CH) and millimeters. The funnel is coloured to code the respective size.

Product ID IQ-Cath-21
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CH10 / IQ 2104.10
CH12 / IQ 2104.12
CH14 / IQ 2104.14
CH16 / IQ 2104.16
CH18 / IQ 2104.18