The p.hold is a product for men and it is designed to help prevent penile retraction. As such, it scan help in making a urinary sheath easier to apply and the process of the Intermittent Self-Catheterisation easier. It can also help with directing the flow of urine.

Available on Prescription

Description FP 10 Code PIP Code
P.Hold - Penis Holder - Narrow 2 cm thick (blue) PHN 305-1612
P.Hold - Penis Holder - Wide 4 cm thick (green) PHW 305-1620
Inflatable Leg Divider

Our inflatable leg divider is designed to assist ladies who struggle to perform Intermittent Self-Catheterisation.

This product is not available on prescription and has to be privately purchased.

Should you wish to purchase this item, please call our Helpline to make arrangements.
Tel: 01604 595696
An invoice will be sent to you and as soon as payment has been received, the product will be despatched to your chosen address.

Cost: £14.95 + VAT plus £4.95 p&p
Mirror is an additional £4.95