If You’ve gotta go … You’ve gotta go …

A pocket-sized urinal available for both men and women.

Folds away in its hard-plastic case when not in use

Holds 1200ml of urine at full capacity

Ideal for use when travelling and is instantly available

Can also be used in a wheelchair as its small dimensions mean it is easy to get into place.

Also useful for those performing ISC and for draining a leg bag

Features and benefits

Should you wish to purchase a URIbag or URIbagF privately rather than source a prescription–

You can also order the URIbag and URIbagF from the Complete Care Shop

Please call our Helpline on 01604 595696

An invoice will be raised, and once payment has been received your items will be dispatched to your chosen delivery address
(Cost: £14.93 +VAT +£4.95 p&p)

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