K+IC System

Our KIC – System was developed for patients that have problems with urinary incontinence in between self-catheterising. Ordinarily, this could mean having to fit a new urinary sheath several times a day or wear absorbent pads.

The KIC-System includes a sheath with a removable connector tip, and it enables the user to use the special sheath expander tool and pull it back over the shaft of the penis so that self-catheterisation is possible.

Following catheterisation, the sheath can be returned to its original position and reconnected to the existing drainage system.

This procedure can be repeated any number of times throughout the day. It is less time consuming and more cost-effective.


Features and benefits



Kics fitting
Hold the sheath between thumb and index finger, pull the open end of the sheath over the disc of the connecting piece, and ensure that the connecting piece is correctly aligned.


Kics fitting
Push on the outer sleeve of connecting piece and screw into place.


Kics fitting
Pull the sheath and the connecting piece to check connection. Then, apply sheath as usual.


Kics fitting
To catheterise, remove the black plastic connector from the sheath.


Kics fitting
Insert the closed prongs of the sheath expander into the hole on the end of the sheath.


Kics fitting
Expand the hole at the end of the sheath by closing the scissor handles.


Kics fitting
Move the sheath expander and sheath towards the body over the tip of the penis.


Kics fitting
Clean area of any residue left over from catheterisation and bring the sheath expander and sheath back over the tip of the penis, away from the body.


Kics fitting
Close the sheath expander by opening the scissor handles and remove the sheath expander.


Kics fitting
Re-connect the sheath to the black plastic connector and ensure by pulling that the connection is secure.

Order information

Size FP 10 Code PIP Code
⌀ 24mm 103.24 256-3674
⌀ 26mm 103.26 256-3682
⌀ 28mm 103.28 256-3690
⌀ 30mm 103.30 256-3708
⌀ 32mm 103.32 256-3716
⌀ 35mm 103.34 256-3724