Discreet thigh bag

Traditionally urine drainage bags are long and sit quite a way down the leg. This means that users may find themselves restricted in what they are able to wear in order to keep the bag hidden.

This can cause problems, especially in hot weather or during sporting activities.

The Manfred Sauer Discreet Thigh bag addresses these issues.

It still holds 500ml, but its discreet shape allows for it to be worn around the thigh and can be hidden under shorts, skirts and even swimwear.

This innovative bag comes in a choice of a lever or twist tap and with either a straight or diagonal inlet.


Features and benefits

Discreet Bag Non Sterile

“Winner of the Look Good, Feel Good Continence Product Award” - (ACA1998)
“Winner of Most Innovative Design Award” - (Disability North Exhibition 1998)

Order information

Description FP 10 Code PIP Code
500ml - swing tap - diagonal direct inlet 70.04S 238-9617
500ml - swing tap - straight direct inlet 70.06S 238-9591
500ml - twist tap - straight direct inlet 720.3200S 381-2146
500ml - twist tap - diagonal direct inlet 721.3200S 381-2138

Discreet thigh bag