What is NephSys?

A secure and comfortable solution for Nephrostomy patients, from Hospital to Home!

  • NephSys is a unique urine drainage system for people with Nephrostomy tubes in place. It is available on prescription (FP10).
  • It comprises of an adjustable, elasticated belt; drainage bag/s and suspenders to secure the bag to the belt in the chosen position.
  • The system also contains our p.grip tabs which help secure the inlet tubing to the belt. This also helps prevent any dragging and pulling.
  • All of the NephSys drainage bags have a luer lock connection that will attach directly and securely to a standard nephrostomy tube.
  • All drainage bags come with a sterile connector to facilitate the connection of a larger 2-litre night bag if required.

A nephrostomy is an artificial opening created between the kidney and the skin to allow the drainage of urine. The nephrostomy tube is a thin plastic tube that is passed from the back, through the skin and then through the kidney, to the point where the urine collects.

These are inserted in situations where the ureters get blocked by stones, clots, tumours etc. and without the nephrostomy urine would remain in the kidneys and cause problems.

Depending on the underlying condition, a patient may have a single or bilateral Nephrostomy.

A Nephrostomy tube has what is known as a ‘luer lock’ connector and often when a patient is discharged home, they have difficulty finding compatible drainage bags for their tubes.

Hence, Manfred Sauer UK produced the ‘Nephsys’ Nephrostomy Drainage System

Features and benefits

The Nephsys Comprises of:
  • A waist belt in a choice of 2 sizes (60cm and 90 cm)
  • Suspenders to support the urine bag and prevent any pulling
  • 500ml drainage bags in a choice of 2 tube lengths (20cm and 30cm)
  • Adhesive micro-hook tabs for extra security


Description FP 10 Code PIP Code
500 ml sterile drainage bags only - swing tap - 20cm inlet NS721.1720S 305-1547
500 ml sterile drainage bags only - swing tap - 30cm inlet NS721.1730S 305-1539
500 ml sterile drainage bags only - twist tap - 20cm inlet NS721.3720S 399-1585
500 ml sterile drainage bags only - twist tap - 30cm inlet NS721.3730S 399-1593
Replacement Belts - Small NSBelt.01 305-1521
Replacement Belts - Adult NSBelt.02 305-1513
P.Grip tabs · 1 x velcro tab - 10 x micro hook tabs CS.TABS 304-6570
Leg Bag to night bag connector 55.39-10 384-7514

**kits include drainage bags and belts

Instruction Video