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IQ Cath Intermittent Catheter

Thousands of people across the country have to perform Intermittent Self-Catheterisation in order to effectively empty their bladder.

The procedure should only be carried out if you have been assessed and taught by a qualified Healthcare Professional.

IQ Cath is the brand name for our Intermittent Catheter.

We provide a Hydrophilic version (lubricates on contact with water) that you can add water to or that has a sachet within its packaging, or we have a Gel version which contains a light, water-based Gel to lubricate the catheter.

The IQ Cath has a spherical tip, a soft zone and a flexible zone that makes performing ISC a lot easier in many cases.

Due to its design the IQ Cath is able to follow the course of the urethra, pass through the sphincters and the prostate without undue pressure and without trauma.

Available on FP10 prescription in sizes 10ch up to 18ch