Manfred Sauer UK Ltd are committed to delivering innovative urology products with unique features and benefits, while at Manfred Sauer Care, we are committed to providing an unbiased personal prescription service and professional care through our nursing service.

Our joint strategy is to continue to introduce innovative and niche urology products to our market place, by doing this we believe we are making a difference, while going the extra mile to meet the expectations of our customers by providing a friendly, approachable and efficient service.

We pride ourselves on being an ethical, personal and professional company that listens to our customers’ needs, we believe that by striving to improve the lives of those that require continence care products either through our product portfolio, dispensing/nursing service or our impartial helpline, overall we are making a big difference.

Our Company’s ethics and values define how we behave as a company and are based on the knowledge, expertise and skills we have gained over the years, this provides a strong foundation for us to continue to build open, respectful, trustworthy and honest relationships with each other and more importantly with our customers.

Manfred Sauer UK are very proud and privileged to be able to support the Manfred Sauer Foundation in Germany, which is a rehabilitation centre for families that have experienced life changing circumstances due to a spinal injury.

Kim Taylor