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Discreet Thigh Bags Sterile

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Discreet Thigh Bag – Sterile

  • overnight connecting tube
  • fabric/velcro leg straps
  • non-return valve
DescriptionFP 10 CodePIP Code
500ml - swing tap - diagonal direct inlet70.04S238-9617
500ml - swing tap - straight direct inlet70.06S238-9591
500ml - twist tap - straight direct inlet720.3200S381-2146
500ml - twist tap - diagonal direct inlet721.3200S381-2138

Why a Discreet Thigh Bag?

Leg bags are generally long and thin as they are designed to be drained from the ankle,with smaller capacity bags being the same shape but just reduced in dimensions. Consequently, the clothing people choose has to be long enough to cover these appliances, resulting in most people wearing trousers or long skirts even in very hot weather. The Manfred Sauer Discreet Thigh bag addresses these problems by being 'squarer' in shape with the inlet and outlet of the bag designed specifically to be worn high on the thigh as shown in the diagram above.

Available on Prescription in the UK

Product ID discreet-legbag
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500 ml · swing tap · diagonal direct inlet / 70.04S
500 ml · swing tap · straight direct inlet / 70.06S
500 ml · twist tap · straight direct inlet / 720.3200S
500 ml · twist tap · diagonal direct inlet / 721.3200S
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