Urinary incontinence is the involuntary loss of urine and is surprisingly common. It is thought that up to one in four people in the UK, men and women alike, will have a problem with bladder control at some time in their lives. Whilst, often thought as an inevitable consequence of getting old, having had children or a disability, there are many other reasons and conditions responsible for it happening.

You are not alone

Yet despite it being a well-known problem, urinary incontinence remains a taboo topic. Embarrassment and shame can often stop people from talking about it. In addition, they will not feel able to access healthcare providers, or approach specialist urinary product and service suppliers, who may be able to help them.

Living with urinary incontinence can be difficult; but delaying the process of seeking help can sometimes narrow what treatment options are available and even limit their effectiveness. At Manfred Sauer we know that with the right help and support, together with care, compassion and experience, a lot can be done to manage and improve continence issues. In fact, we know that many people affected by urinary incontinence can go onto lead happy and fulfilled lives thanks to the comprehensive range of products and services.

Minimise the impact

That’s why we must recommend our helpline 01604 595696 as a starting point (ideal for advice and free samples), because talking about and seeking help for incontinence is important if you want to minimise the impact on all aspects of your life.

Also we cannot stress enough the importance of being referred to the correct department for a full assessment before you start trying products. Because the more informed you are, the easier it is to make decisions based on facts and realistic outcomes. If you find yourself challenged by an incontinence issue, please give us a call, we always put your needs and requirements first and take the time to ensure your issues are managed with sensitivity, care and understanding. we should mention the importance of being referred to the correct department for a full assessment before just trying products.

The more we talk about incontinence, the closer we are to ending the stigma around experiencing bladder issues. By having those difficult conversations with family, friends, doctors and other specialists, people know where to go for help, meaning that fewer people will suffer on their own and think they are the only person affected.

Manage symptoms independently

As well as our website, helpline, newsletter, home delivery services, access to urology nurses and other resources, we provide a range of innovative urology products to help sufferers of urinary incontinence. But unlike other providers, our products are often designed and tested by both clients and healthcare professionals to ensure effective and user-friendly solutions that work. This means your incontinence issues can be managed independently, without worrying about frequent emptying or toilet access and do not impinge on your ability to live life to the full.

So, whether you are someone seeking help and advice, or are a healthcare professional wanting to know more about our products and how they work, we are here to help. If we don’t have the answer, we will make every effort to signpost you to someone who does. We know that with access to the right products, advice, care and support, you will get a quality outcome.