The Manfred Sauer Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that is funded and supported by the profits of the commercial continence systems manufacturing company, Manfred Sauer GmbH and its subsidiaries. Essentially all the profits from the commercial Company, after reinvestment to ensure its continuing existence, go to support the Foundation. There are no shareholders and the Foundation is Manfred's legacy. It gives something back; both to the disabled community all over the world who use the products, as well as the local community who have worked on the manufacturing site and made the Company such a success.

Manfred Sauer Foundation

The Foundation is a resource to be used by all regardless of ability!

The Foundation is in a beautiful location on the edge of a nature reserve. It sees itself as a place of positive interaction between disabled people and the more 'able bodied', where they can learn to master the reality of their lives. It offers the opportunity for reflection, orientation and the exchange of ideas and it helps guide towards a healthier life style and a meaningful life.

The concept of the Manfred-Sauer Foundation is based upon three intertwined goals: 

  • Positively influencing the awareness of one's own body, 
  • Strengthening the physical and spiritual wellbeing through a healthy organic diet and by increasing independence.
  • Self-sufficiency through creative activities via the workshops and training programmes. 

This beautiful venue is a fully wheelchair accessible establishment where people can enjoy a healthy diet, have fun through physical activity as well as spiritual and physical relaxation in the health centre. Furthermore, they can develop creativity in the handicraft workshop and seminars.

The main priority of the Manfred Sauer Foundation is the wellbeing of all guests, whether they are attending an event or a seminar at our centre, staying for a relaxing get away weekend with their partner or visiting for several weeks to actively improve their physical and psychological health. 

The bright and open design of the Foundation bring one closer to nature and anyone is heartily invited to participate in what is on offer. 

A very warm welcome awaits all visitors! 


Testimonial: "What a place! What a concept! To say I am inspired and most impressed is a great understatement. Our guide for the day Kevin picked us up and returned us to the hotel in Heidelberg where we were attending a conference. Kevin made the most interesting and charming guide and we learned a great deal from him. Thankfully, he is completely bi-lingual which is a great advantage when he was explaining theories and concepts to people like myself that do not speak German. I have written to Manfred to thank him for his hospitality and told him that the Foundation should be a 'must visit' for anyone working in the field of disability, not just continence." (UK Continence Adviser - name and address supplied)

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