It is always vital to maintain good hydration, but with the summer months now upon us it is even more so.

Drinking enough water every day is essential for many reasons. It will help to regulate your body temperature, it will help to prevent or minimise infections (especially urinary tract infections), it will help lubricate your joints, nourish the cells of your body and maintain properly functioning organs. It is so easy to become dehydrated either by not drinking enough or by losing bodily fluids e.g. sickness & diarrhoea, and not replacing those fluids. This can lead to a number of complications such as:

– Headaches
– Confusion or brain fog
– Urinary tract infections (UTI)
– Constipation
– Dizziness/Light headedness
– Kidney stones
• Skin conditions (dry skin, broken areas etc.)

If you have a bladder or kidney condition or you use a catheter, whether it be a permanent one or an intermittent one, it is particularly important to drink adequate volumes every day. This will help to reduce your risk of infection and other associated problems.

So, what should you drink?
Drink plenty of fluids at regular intervals throughout the day. Try to drink plenty of water/ clear fluids and aim to keep your caffeine intake to a minimum as caffeine is a known bladder irritant. On average, try to drink 2 litres/3½ – 4 pints of fluid a day

Certain foods are also more hydrating than others due to their water content: melon, apples, berries, cucumber, cauliflower. If drinking is an
issue you may wish to consider making ice lollies or jellies as well. Please note: There are some medical conditions such as Heart Failure or
Renal Failure, where a fluid restriction is necessary. Always follow the advice of your medical practitioner. Enjoy the summer and remember – Drink well every day to remain healthy.