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p.hold penis holder prevents retraction Penis Director/Positioner & Holder/Stretcher

Available on UK Prescription

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PHW (Green 4cm thick)

PHN (Blue 2cm thick)

Medical device to assist with:

  • Use 1: Male urine flow direction. Used by male patients, particularly in cases of a retracted or flaccid penis and/or reduced finger dexterity to position the penis direction and consequently the flow of urine.
  • Use 2: All types of male urethral catheterisation. Used to stretch and hold the penis, useful in cases of a retracted or flaccid penis and/or reduced finger dexterity. Use to assist in the process of Intermittent Self-Catheterisation (ISC), by holding and stretching the penis prior to insertion of the catheter. This leaves both hands free for the catheterisation process. Particularly useful if person performing ISC has dexterity problems or is of large stature and has to catheterise by feel. Also a useful aid during the teaching of the ISC process.
  • Use 3: To help people with finger dexterity problems fit urinary sheaths. For better fitting the penis director/positioner & holder/stretcher is available in two sizes (thickness 2cm or 4 cm). It is made of soft synthetic material that is kind to the skin.

How to use

  1. To fit the p.hold device: Hold the penis stretcher with both hands, spread it and lay it around the penis shaft from above making the glans come to rest on the upper edge (some of our customers have found it more convenient to lay it around the penis shaft from below. Experiment to find the way that suits you the best). On release the penis stretcher will close on its own and hold the penis firmly in position.
    • Use 1 - To direct the flow of urine: The penis is now comfortably held and will not retract during the urination process. Simply direct the flow of urine by gently holding the device and moving it into the required position.
    • Use 2 & 3 - To aid with catheterisation or Sheath fitting: The penis is now comfortably held and will not retract during the catheterisation or sheath fitting process, leaving both hands free to do as directed by your healthcare professional.
  2. To remove the p.hold device: After use re-open the penis stretcher and remove it.


For cleaning use water or soapy water, for disinfection use a disinfectant appropriate for surfaces that is safe to be used around children (the pores of foamy material are closed). Cold sterilisation only, steam will damage the synthetic material!
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