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About Intermittent Self Catheterisation (ISC)
You are not alone!
From small children to the most senior of citizens, tens of thousands of people in the UK and millions around the world are in the same position as you, so donīt feel isolated and alone because you are not!
Why me?
Whatever the reason you need to catheterise your Continence/Urology specialist has decided that urine must be drained from your bladder rather than left in it. This is important to reduce the risk of bladder and kidney infection, which in turn will help you regain control of your bladder and life, keeping you active and healthy.
"Until I started taking control of my bladder, my life revolved around it and not me!"  IQCath user

Your continence Specialist is the best person to advise you on your specific circumstances, but some of the reasons peoplerequire catheterisation include:

Prostate enlargement.
Communications problems between brain and bladder  (includes Spinal injury, MS etc..)
Back problems.
Result of pelvic surgery
Urethral Stricture (narrowing of water-pipe)
Problems with bladder muscles
Congenital problems (from Birth)
It all sounds a bit technical to me?
You will continue to visit the toilet as before, but instead of relying on your body to expel all the urine you will use a special piece of plastic tubing called an intermittent catheter to ensure your bladder is completely empty. Your Continence Specialist has decided that Intermittent Self Catheterisation the best solution for YOU. This type of catheter is used only once and is discarded after use. Each time you need to empty your bladder you use a new catheter to help reduce the risk of infection.
Itīs as simple as that!
Wille pondering about the thought of ISC
How will I ever manage?
You will soon master the technique of intermittent catheterisation (ISC) so it becomes second nature and just another routine like cleaning your teeth! If you normally stand to Wee then you can continue to do this although often people are initially taught the technique sitting down. But millions of people do it so just be calm, listen to the advice from your Continence Specialist and read this tutorial to fill in some of the gaps - believe me it will save you a lot of worry - as the expression goes "why reinvent the wheel, when many have been there already?"
WARNING: Self catheterisation should only be carried out following a
clinical assessment from a qualified Continence/Urology specialist.
What are the Advantages of ISC to me?
Freedom! Basically you get your life back which is the BIG PLUS of ISC. Below is a list of some of the benefits of ISC.
* Less risk of infections in your Wee or Urinary Tract Infections (UTI).
 * Healthier kidneys.
* Less risk of leaks which always seem to happen at the most embarrassing times!
* Control over your bladder emptying.
* Improved quality of life and independence from feeling you have to be near to a toilet all 
  the time.
* No reliance on incontinence pads or indwellingcatheters/urinary sheaths and drainage
  bags - if you donīt know about these believe you me you are not missing anything!
* Free to engage in intimacy with your partner without aving to worry about the issues of  
 explaining what the various appliances and pads are for!
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