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Inflatable Leg Dividers/Separaters


Inflatable Leg-Divider/Holder

Directions for Use

Inflatable leg dividers
Aid for female catheterisation and ISC
Also for personal hygine to wash between the legs in a shower
when leg spasm makes such tasks difficult.

Order Code:    Small: 110.01       Large: 110.02        Mirror: 110.31




Medical device for women enabling them to perform Intermittent Self-Catheterisation (ISC) without help.  Particularly useful when leg muscle spasm is a problem.  Also useful when used with the mirror for teaching the ISC process and when assistance is needed to find the urethral opening. The leg-divider/holder spreads the knees and keeps them in position. Both hands remain free for the process of catheterisation.


The leg-divider is inflatable and can be equipped with a mirror. The eyelets on the corners can be used for additional fastening.


The leg-divider is made of a transparent film and may also be of help in the process of personal hygiene under the shower. Deflated, it can be carried about or stacked away compactly with a minimum use of space.


Eyelets for additional fastening  

Mirror with Velcro strap (must be ordered separately)





Inflate the leg-divider and close the valve. Place the implement between the thighs directly behind the knees. If necessary, it can be secured additionally by pulling Velcro straps through the eyelets and fastening them around the thighs. For deflating it, open the valve cap and squeeze the lower half of the valve body slightly to get the air out.




For cleaning use water or soapy water, for disinfection use a disinfectant appropriate for surfaces that is safe to be used around children.  Cold sterilisation only, steam will damage the synthetic material!


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The implement is subject to alterations that may improve handling or manufacturing.


No regulations with regard to product liability exist for this product.  Manfred Sauer UK Limited will not be held liable for any damages arising from the use or misuse of this product.

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