August 4th 2022

We have all been busy this year fundraising for our Charity of the Year – Bladder Health UK. So far, we have raised £580, which is great progress towards our £1500 target by the end of the December.

These monies have come from the following sources:
• Patient donations £120.00
• Grand National Sweepstake £25.00
• Annual Leave Raffle £100.00
• Walk a Marathon in May £335.00 – still waiting for some further sponsorship to come in

All donations welcome
You don’t have to sponsor or support a particular activity. For one-off donations, you can use our Go Fund Me page. The link is below.

Breaking Boundaries
Bladder Health UK and ITN Productions Industry News have produced a news-style programme Bladder Health: Breaking Boundaries to raise awareness and understanding of bladder health. It addresses the stigma and challenges for sufferers and explores research and treatments in the field. It’s a highly informative programme and we urge fellow sufferers to watch it so that they can get the right diagnosis and learn how to live life to
the full.

Bladder Health UK offer help and information to assist those with bladder conditions to live positively. Contact them on 0121 702 0820 or email to access confidential and tailored support.