Because we know that talking about urinary incontinence is difficult, at Manfred Sauer we want to help make things easier. That’s why several years ago, we produced a promotional toy called Willy.

Willy’s job is to help raise awareness and acceptance of bladder conditions within your home, care home, clinic, hospital, or workplace. Plus, he’s all about the fun, so instead of feeling too sad about your condition, we hope that Willy can help put a light-hearted slant on your situation and that of others.

Evidence his exploits

Through the magnificent work of our nurses and our attendance at events and clinics, as well as regular meetings with patients and health professionals, we are always delighted to give out a Willy toy. Our only expectation is that you share any adventures that he has with you by letting us have photographic evidence of his exploits.

However, we know that a toy isn’t the only answer to getting people more confident in talking about their issues, that’s why we are always available to talk to you and provide unstinting help and support, plus access to our fantastic range of products, as you navigate your own urinary incontinence journey.

There must be quite a few Willies out there now, because we remain delighted, amused and proud when people post a picture of Willy in unusual or interesting situations and share them with our team via social media.

Jetsetter extraordinaire

Prior to lockdown, Willy was snapped in Boston at the Cheers bar, at a Red Sox game, outside the Friends building, in Dubai, Niagara Falls, Amsterdam, Times Square etc. And in a period when travel has been limited, it’s good to know that Willy continues to enjoy being out and about in the UK.

Recently he’s enjoyed trips to Norfolk, Durham, Cambridge, Barry, London, Gateshead. He’s also been to the gym, in a hot tub and proved to be an enthusiastic fan of celebrating special days/months – Prosecco Day was a firm favourite, but he also likes Wellness Wednesday, Wisdom Wednesdays and global handwashing day and don’t get us started on his new No Time to Die James Bond film pose.

Get in touch for your very own Willy

If you want to play a part in Willy’s adventures, get in touch and we’ll send you one. Simply call our helpline 01604 595696 or email telling us why you want to give Willy a loving home.

Finally, just for your information, Willy is made of soft cotton wadding with polystyrene balls in his base. That helps him to sit nicely upright on your desk, windowsill or table. He also conforms to “European safety regulations” and is CE marked. And if Willy’s adventures get too much, he can also be handwashed or machine washed at 30 degrees but please don’t tumble dry – he really doesn’t like it – we’ve heard it gets him all hot and bothered!