A big thank you to everyone who voted using our social media channels, for what charity you wanted us to support this year. We are delighted to announce that Manfred Sauer UK’s charity of the year in 2022 is Bladder Health UK. We are currently discussing what activities we will be focusing on. Once we have decided, we would like to invite you to join us in our fundraising efforts for this worthy charity.

Bladder Health UK is a national patient support charity that has been communicating with bladder illness sufferers for over 25 years. They offer a plethora of resources to give help, educate and inform so people can start to live positively with bladder illness. In addition, they pride themselves on their advice line where callers are listened to with empathy and understanding by experienced people, with both expert patients and clinical staff available, 5 days a week.

Not only do Bladder Health UK deal with sufferers, but they also have strong supportive relationships in place with relevant corporate and commercial organisations and access to both NHS and Government bodies. This means they recognise the power of the patient voice and are trusted to speak out on behalf of those who cannot be heard on their own.

Furthermore, they have access to a wonderful community of people, via their forums/chatrooms, social media channels, joint ventures and sponsors, whose passion is to make things better for those who know what it’s like to live with a debilitating and often isolating illness.

We are delighted that they recommend many of our products to their patients and we further congratulate them on their forthcoming partnerships with ITN Productions as they announce an exciting new programme, which is due to launch in May and is entitled, ‘Bladder Health: Breaking Boundaries’

For more information visit Bladder Health UK