A devastating event such as paralysis can turn your life and that of your family upside down. That’s why having access to a facility such as The Charitable Manfred Sauer Foundation is such a valuable lifeline.

Established in 2001 by Manfred Sauer, following his own rehabilitation at both Stoke Mandeville and Heidelberg, The Manfred Sayer Foundation is funded and supported by profits from Manfred Sauer GmbH and its subsidiaries, including Manfred Sauer UK Ltd. There are no shareholders, and the Foundation is Manfred’s legacy. Its aim is to give something back; both to the disabled community all over the world who use our products, as well as the local community who have worked on the manufacturing site and made the company such a success.

The Foundation is based in Lobbach in Germany (100km from Frankfurt Airport) in a beautiful location on the edge of a nature reserve. Fully wheelchair accessible, it is open to the public for short or longer stays at highly subsidised rates. Every year it welcomes hundreds of wheelchair users, together with their partners and/or families, to stay in an environment that encourages them to

  • Learn coping strategies
  • Find purpose
  • Increase awareness of your own body
  • Take responsibility
  • Strengthen physical and psychological health and wellbeing
  • Increase levels of independence
  • Take back control of their life

Combining all the facilities of a rehabilitation centre, The Foundation promotes health, wellbeing and self-fulfilment. Whether its nutrition, therapies, creativity, honing new skills, exercise or relaxation, guests can enjoy a tailor-made experience that encourages fun, interaction and understanding.

As well as a hotel, state of the art health centre, therapists, sports coaches, dieticians, workshops, training, seminar and events, the Foundation helps disabled wheelchair regain strength, energy and purpose.

When asked about its success and the role it plays amongst disabled people. Manfred said.

“The foundation is a place of positive interaction between disabled people and the more ‘able bodied’, where they can learn to master the reality of their lives. It offers the opportunity for reflection, orientation and the exchange of ideas and it helps guide them towards a healthier lifestyle and a more meaningful life.”

If you want to support the Manfred Sauer Foundation in its charitable commitment, please get in touch to donate.