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NEW! The fastest way to obtain our products is to let us dispense your UK Prescription FREE directly to your door! Call our Helpline for details 01604 595 696
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Helpline: 01604 595696

"I never realised how much my bladder controlled my life until
I started controlling my bladder. The advice I had from the Manfred Sauer helpline has completely changed my life and given me the confidence to socialise again!"
AH, Staffs

"If we do not have a solution to your problems you can bet we know someone in the industry who does. So give me a call (I don't bite!) to discuss your problems in confidence"
Phil Thompson
UK's Helpline Manager and product user.

You are not alone. As many as 1 in 3 women and 1 in 9 men experience incontinence at some period in their life.

We aim to offer solutions that enable people to make informed decisions to achieve full continence with confidence. This means you are in full control - being able to choose where and when you go to the toilet, by managing your continence problem. Look at our tutorial which is available for you to browse online or download to read at your leisure. It is written in easy-to-understand language and outlines the causes of many types of continence issues and how our products are used to manage the situation. The advice we can offer is general and should in no way be seen as a substitute for professional urological investigation which may uncover underlying problems that need medical intervention.
We can even arrange for your UK prescriptions to be delivered directly to your doorstep, to save you the hassle of collecting them from the Chemist.
At Manfred Sauer we believe in getting things right!
If you like our products or service why not recommend us to a friend or simply email them our website address and let them make up their own mind and share your positive experiences?
If you feel that we are not living up to this promise, please let us know how we can improve.
Thank you!
Barry Kaighin
Managing Director
Manfred Sauer UK Ltd.

Phil enjoying rugged views of the Irish Sea
Phil Thompson, Helpline Manager. Phil was born in 1958 and has been involved with Manfred Sauer UK since 1998 when he first started using their products. Phil say's "I wish these products were available in 1978 when I was first in need of them - believe me what was available then was pretty grim!" Phil really enjoys passing on the benefit of his many years of experience using continence appliances - "as the expression goes 'the wheel has already been invented', so why should people have to struggle when first diagnosed with continence problems - call me and if I cannot help you, I am 100% sure I can at least point you in the right direction to contact somebody who can!"
Our motto is: "we never leave a man, woman or child wet!"
Phil had a road traffic accident in 1978, aged 19 years and suffered a spinal injury resulting in paralysis from the waist downwards for 1 year. Phil was one of the few in those days who regained some feeling to his legs and, over time, began to walk again, albeit with some difficulties. Continence is always an issue after such a traumatic injury but Phil is a very stubborn man and this shows in his determination to stay dry. Thankfully, Manfred Sauer products have helped him to achieve this successfully since he first was introduced to the Company by a Continence Professional in 1998.

Phil has a wife (Karen), and 2 children (Katie & Sam) - Phil and Karen were married in 1985.

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Call the UK Helpline 01604 595 696 we are available Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm to help you in any way we can or e-mail
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